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How you design and decorate your home is a direct reflection of your personality. Therefore to be a successful designer, you really need to be able to read what people are trying to say. Joan thoroughly enjoys getting to know different individuals and finding out what their likes and dislikes are and creating a look that reflects their own personal style. She is often asked in what style of decor she specializes. Joan doesn't specialize in any one style. She creates a look that works well based on an individuals' wants and needs. She will not start a job until she has figured out the personality of an individual. There is no greater feeling than seeing the satisfaction on a client's face when she sees the final results. Joan is very lucky to be making a living at something she enjoys so very much.

Where do I start when decorating a room?
Joan always starts with the area rug and then picks her paint colors, furniture, etc, from there. If there is a huge piece of art in the room, she might choose to begin with that. It's very important that you choose one thing and build around it.

What can a decorator do for me that I can't do myself?
As a decorator, Joan sees lots of clients who have made costly mistakes because they don't have the experience that she does in pulling together a look. They also don't have the resources that she has, such as thousands of fabrics to choose from, awesome lines of furniture or a wonderful assortment of area rugs. Her business is literally a one-stop-shop for resources. Read for example how Joan helped a client transform their home using new paint colors in "Choosing an Interior Color Pallette".

What is Joan's style?
She always looks at her clients' style and uses her knowledge and resources to match the clients' style. It may be contemporary, traditional or transitional. Everyone has a style...sometimes we just need help bringing it out!

Don't forget to contact Joan before you begin your design project. She has experience in both residential and commercial. Her clients just keep coming back!

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